Advanced MPLS VPN Solutions (AMVS) 1.0

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Optimizing instant conversation structures provides the underlying technological breakthroughs that allowed the present nation of instant know-how improvement to adapt. the focal point is at the decrease layers of the ISO/OSI layered version, in particular the actual and information hyperlink layers together with the hyperlink and media entry regulate sublayers.

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Overlay VPN Hub-and-Spoke Topology Remote site (spoke) Central site (HUB) Remote site (spoke) Central site router Remote site (spoke) Service Provider Network Remote site (spoke) © 2000, Cisco Systems, Inc. com Page33 The hub-and-spoke topology is the simplest overlay VPN topology – all remote sites are linked with a single virtual circuit to a central CE-router. The routing is also extremely simple – static routing or distance-vector protocol like RIP are more than adequate. If you are using dynamic routing protocol like RIP, splithorizon must be disabled at the hub router, or you must use point-to-point subinterfaces at the hub router to overcome the split-horizon problem.

What is the difference between a simple VPN and a Central Services VPN? ■ What are the connectivity requirements of a Central Services VPN? Advanced MPLS VPN Solutions Copyright  2000, Cisco Systems, Inc. MPLS VPN Architecture Objectives Upon completion of this section, you will be able to perform the following tasks: ■ Understand the difference between traditional peer-to-peer models and MPLS VPN ■ List the benefits of MPLS VPN ■ Describe major architectural blocks of MPLS VPN ■ Explain the need for route distinguisher (RD) and route target (RT) Copyright  2000, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Network Management VPN, which is used to manage CE devices in scenarios where the Service Provider owns and manages CE devices. Advanced MPLS VPN Solutions Copyright  2000, Cisco Systems, Inc. Central Services Extranet Amsterdam Service provider Extranet Infrastructure Customer A VoIP GW Customer B London VoIP GW Paris Customer C VoIP GW Service Provider Network © 2000, Cisco Systems, Inc. com Page41 This diagram shows a sample Central Services extranet implementing international Voice-over-IP service.

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