Abstracts of reports on invitation by ICM-1966, Moscow.

By ICM-1966, Moscow.

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The Fundamentals of Tawheed ( Islamic Monotheism)

This publication is a needs to learn for an individual wishing to correctly comprehend the faith of Islam. the basics of Tawheed clarifies intimately what Islam capability while it says"ONE GOD" through deciding on and explaninig examples of the violation of the oneness of God in the cultures and ideology of many cultures, the writer proves Islam to be the single actually and simply monotheistic faith.

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WORKSHEET 1 Origins of the Turks If the sky above did not collapse and if the earth below did not give way, oh Turk people, who can destroy your state and institutions. ORKHON INSCRIPTIONS I        grass land to support their ocks. Nomad raids would T  . T    disrupt trade, damage farming, and generally harm the  C A,      tax base upon which rulers depended, while they themspreads north of Afghanistan, the Himalayan Moun- selves did not pay taxes.

E pope ed Hungary and nearly, but not quite, taking Vienna. Sülfrom Rome as the Turks advanced, but Mehmet died eyman’s naval forces fought their enemies to a standstill unexpectedly, at age 49, before Rome could be taken, in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Arabian Sea. and the Turkish army returned to follow the wishes of the new sultan. Had Mehmet II lived longer, the Otto- The military task facing Süleyman was immense. man Empire might have included both the New Rome, e Ottoman Empire had grown so large that its armies Constantinople, and Rome itself.

List 3 to 5 important pieces of evidence about the Ottoman Empire from this reading. Discuss how the Ottoman system helped make the Empire strong. Can we consider the Ottoman Empire a great period in history? Explain your answer with examples. LESSON 3 31 WORKSHEET 4 Ottoman Rule of a Great Empire T       O as in the rest of the world until recently, only a small       E. I portion of the population was literate. In the sixteenth   C E  E century the Ottomans were at the forefront of censusand Southern Arabia, from the borders of Iran to taking and the keeping of nancial records.

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