Absorption in No External World: 170 Issues in Mind Only by Jeffrey Hopkins

By Jeffrey Hopkins

Dzong-ka-ba's The Essence of Eloquence continues to be thought of so vital to Tibetan Buddhists that the Dalai Lama retains a replica with him anyplace he is going. This booklet examines many desirable issues raised in six centuries of Tibetan and Mongolian observation about the first sections of this article: the Prologue, and the part at the Mind-Only institution. by way of offering vibrant aspect, Jeffrey Hopkins unearths the liveliness of Tibetan scholastic controversies, exhibiting the dynamism of considerate observation and stimulating the reader's metaphysical mind's eye. within the means of interpreting one hundred seventy concerns, this quantity treats many attractive issues on nice car displays of the 3 natures and the 3 non-natures, together with the right way to observe those to all phenomena, the selflessness of individuals, and the vacancy of vacancy. It concludes with a delineation of the methods in which the Mind-Only institution translates scriptures.

This stand-alone e-book is the ultimate quantity of a trilogy on Mind-Only that Hopkins composed over a interval of 22 years. His seriously annotated translation of the 1st sections of Dzong-ka-ba's textual content is inside the first quantity, Emptiness within the Mind-Only institution of Buddhism, besides a ancient and doctrinal creation, a close synopsis of the textual content, and a severe variation. the second one quantity, Reflections on fact: the 3 Natures and Non-Natures within the Mind-Only School, presents historic and social context, a simple presentation of the 3 natures, the 2 kinds of vacancy within the Mind-Only tuition, and the contrasting perspectives of Dol-bo-ba Shay-rap-gyel-tsen of the Jo-nang-ba order of Tibetan Buddhism.

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According to the latter, Gung-tang is the third in the series (sku ’phreng gsum pa), the first being the Throne Holder of Gan-den himself. Gene Smith suggests that he may be the second. 14 Background Buddha’s scriptures is the essence to which ‚zong-ka-œa’s title refers. Speaking about that text, he says:11 By way of [treating] difficult points, I will explain this great treatise bestowing„on those endowed with intelligence„independent analytical understanding concerning the meaning of the thought of all [of the Buddha’s] scriptures through differentiating which require interpretation and which are definitive among all of the Conqueror’s scriptures, [this being] the essence of all eloquence.

This passage beginning with ‚Great King, form has production; it also has disintegration,‛ is one of the instances in which Buddha spoke about the entities of the aggregates of forms, feelings, discriminations, compositional factors, and consciousnesses„in which one travels in cyclic existence„as having owncharacter, that is to say, as being established by way of their own character as the referents of conceptual consciousnesses. (The absence in such sÒtra statements of the phrase ‚established by way of their own character as the referents of conceptual consciousnesses,‛ or anything remotely resembling this, is striking, but, as is explained in Chapter 8 of Reflections on Reality, such is said to be contained even in the literal reading.

General Ke-drup (Ke-drup-ge-lek-œel-sang, 1385-1438) Opening the Eyes of the Fortunate / Opening the Eyes of the Fortunate: Treatise Brilliantly Clarifying the Profound Emptiness Second Dalai Lama (Gen-dün-gya-tso, 1476-1542) Lamp Illuminating the Meaning / Commentary on the Difficult Points of ‚Differentiating the Interpretable and the Definitive‛ from the Collected Works of the Foremost Holy Omniscient [‚zong-ka-œa]: Lamp Thoroughly Illuminating the Meaning of His Thought ðe-ra Jay College ‡el-jor-hlün-drup (1427-1514) Lamp for the Teaching / Commentary on the Difficult Points of (‚zongka-œa’s) ‚The Essence of Eloquence‛: Lamp for the Teaching Jay-«zün Chö-„yi-gyel-tsen (1469-1546) General-Meaning Commentary / General Meaning of (‚zong-ka-œa’s) ‚Differentiating the Interpretable and the Definitive‛: Eradicating Bad Disputation: A Precious Garland ‚ra-«i Ge-Ôhay Rin-chen-dön-drup (fl.

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