A Savage Betrayal (Lynne Graham Collection) by Lynne Graham

By Lynne Graham

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I'll pick you up tomorrow night at eight. OK,' he positively purred, and it wasn't a question. ' Mina swallowed hard and began to slide out of the car, but Cesare moved too and reached for her before she could register what he intended. He tugged her back across the seat as if she were a doll. ' she exploded. ' Anchoring long fingers into her silky hair, Cesare held her fast, sweeping her upturned face with heavily lidded golden eyes. “Let go of me,' Mina told him breathlessly. ' His accented drawl had thickened and fractured, spilling out warning flares into an atmosphere already vibrating with fierce tension.

Wrenching at the door, she shot out of the car and stood on the pavement, ashamed to discover that her legs felt weak and shaky. ' she told him tightly. ' Cesare enquired softly. Mina wanted to scream. Briefly she closed her burning eyes. “No, Cesare, that's not a threat, because, unlike you, I don't make threats. It's a warning. ' As her throat closed over, her voice cracked and she threw her head back, snatching in oxygen to continue. “But whoever it was who traded information for profit it wasn't me!

Sure it is,' Cesare mocked. “Fits like a glove, too. ' Mina pressed an unsteady hand against her throbbing temples. ' “So that you can scarper? ' he chided. ' “Liar. You’re shaking in your child-sized shoes. But it ought to be a relief to escape the shackles of the clean living, do-gooding role you've been playing for Haland's delectation. Not that you appeared to enjoy having your image dented this evening,' Cesare reminded her without remorse. ' “I told the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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