A Reference Catalogue and Atlas of Galactic Novae by Hilmar W. Duerbeck

By Hilmar W. Duerbeck

4. Census of comprises info on 277 gadgets. 137 (50%) of them are stars whose outburst spectra or unambiguous minimal features classify them as novae past doubt. 123 of them can be pointed out at minimal. seventy eight (28 percent) are stars with amplitudes and light-weight curve types which makes nova classifi­ cation most likely. 60 of them may be pointed out at minimal. hence, seventy eight % ofthe items during this catalogue are proven and suspected classical novae. sixteen (6%) have houses suitable with either novae and comparable items. 15 are pointed out at minimal. additionally, and atlas comprises info on 12 (4 percent) dwarf novae of lengthy cycle size or suspected dwarf novae for which just one outburst has been saw. Examples are WZ Sge and CI Gern. 6 (2%) recurrent novae or suspected recurrent novae are indexed. Examples are T CrB and AS Psc. 6 (2%) X-ray novae are indexed. Examples are V616 Mon and KY TrA. 6 (2%) symbiotic stars and symbiotic novae are indexed. Examples are RT Ser and V352 Aql. eleven (4 percent) Mira stars or suspected Mira stars, which at your time have been believed to be novae, are indexed. Examples are V607 Aql and V927 Sgr.

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726 (ESO) (L. ) LCT: ? Classification: H. W. Duerbeck, IBVS 2502 (1984). L. Perek, BAC 11 (1960) 256 - descr. from Harvard plates B 76601, taken 1953 January 23/24, and B 76679, taken 1953 March 19/20. nova, poorly known. N Car 1971 N Light curve: Spectroscopy: Identification: Discovered by D. J. MacConnell, E. Prato, and C. Bricefio on an objective prism plate taken with the Curtis Schmidt telescope, Cerro Tololo, 1971 February 18 (IBVS 1476 (1978». 732 Range: 13? - 18? 503 LCT: ? (SRC) (D. J.

A. Mattei, JRAS Can 74 (1980) 185; J. B. Kaler, PASP 98 (1986) 243. G. Klare, B. Wolf, J. Krautter, AsAp 89 (1980) 282 - trac, rv; S. E. Spectroscopy: Smith, P. V. Noah, M. J. Cottrell, PASP91 (l979) 775 -phot, trac, rv; Ch. Fehrenbach, Y. Andrillat, CR Ser B 228 (1979) 191- phot, rv. V. Pürola, T. Korhonen, AsAp 79 (1979) 254. Polarization: UV observations: A. Cassatella, P. Benvenuti, J. Clavel, A. Heck, M. V. Penston, P. L. Selvelli, F. Macchetto, AsAp 74 (1979) L18; M. Friedjung, AsAp 93 (l981) 320; D.

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