A Helping Hand by Shayla Kersten

By Shayla Kersten

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Content material: bankruptcy 1 The preliminary Psychiatric overview (pages 2–19): William M. KlykyloChapter 2 mental review of kids (pages 20–45): Antoinette S. CordellChapter three Neurobiological overview (pages 46–63): George Realmuto and Bonnie Klimes? DouganChapter four academic overview and faculty session (pages 64–72): Dorothyann FeldisChapter five Psychiatric overview in Medically in poor health kids (pages 73–89): James H.

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A sigh of relief brushed across his face. Jeremy distracted him for now, but they would talk about this again. Rich had some decisions to make. ***** Dan watched as the ceiling of his bedroom gradually came into focus with the sunrise. He hadn’t slept much. Each time he dozed off, he dreamed of Rich, of the things Rich would be doing with someone else. A lump in his throat threatened to turn into a howl of frustration. The anger from yesterday had melted into sadness. Finally he admitted he wanted Rich more than he wanted any woman he’d ever dated, but it was an impossible idea.

Bitter wind whipped around the figure of his friend as Rich walked toward him. The bright red of chilled flesh showed on his face even at a distance. Why had he stopped? Rich’s feet carried him faster down the rough incline. ” He folded the coat around his friend. His arms stayed as Dan’s cold hand slid around his waist and into the warmth of Rich’s coat. Chilled flesh burrowed into his neck. ” “I can’t do this. I can’t—I’m not…but…” His friend shivered with more than cold. Outside in the icy cold was not the place to discuss it.

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