A Companion to International History 1900–2001 by Gordon Martel

By Gordon Martel

Helpful compilation of essays protecting the foremost occasions of the 20 th century. status out from this total outstanding physique of labor are the contributions at the undertones and explanations of WW I (Martel's distinctiveness) and 3 chapters on often-overlooked advancements resulting in WW II.

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In Europe, a nuclear crisis began mainly as a result of the introduction of new generations of Soviet missiles in Europe in the mid-1970s. This situation was further complicated by the growing anti-nuclear movements in the major capitals in western Europe. ”42 However, the superpower negotiations over the European missiles or the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces in Europe (INF) had stalemated and NATO decided to go ahead with the deployment of new American missiles, which began to arrive in Europe in December 1983.

37 NATO, however, survived de Gaulle’s challenge reasonably well. Despite its close attention to Vietnam, the Lyndon Johnson administration resolved the question of NATO’s nuclear sharing by setting up the Nuclear Planning Group (December 1966), accepted in 1967 the new strategy of flexible response, which included options preferred by both Europe and the US, and secured NATO’s adoption of the Harmel Report (December 1967) calling for détente and defense, a strategy that served to increase western Europe’s pressure for détente in the 1970s.

All wanted something of their own. 30 It was more than a symptom; it was a fact. It took Germans and Czechs and Poles and Balts and Slovaks and others a half-century to achieve their nationalist aspirations, but it was they who caused the collapse of the Soviet Empire. FDR’s death quickly ended cooperation as the watchword as the new president, Harry Truman, took advice from those advisers of FDR who had swung to a get-tough approach to the USSR. That did not cause the Cold War, which had antecedents that stretched from 1917 to the Polish independence crisis.

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