501 Sentence Completion Questions by LearningExpress Editors

By LearningExpress Editors

The sentence finishing touch part on standardized exams, in particular the SAT 1 examination, is usually pointed out as a hassle part for even the easiest test-takers. Examinees get test-targeted vocabulary perform inquiries to ranking larger with LearningExpress' sequence, ability Builder in concentration. This really good drill ebook offers the concentrated perform worthy for test-taking luck. Plus, all solutions are defined, utilizing phrases that make clear context, major principles, topics, and demanding considering abilities for powerful learning and confident reinforcement. nearly each standardized attempt in vocabulary, together with civil carrier checks, includes analyzing comprehension questions. each one perform comprises 50 questions, and solution motives stick to every one part.

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Terrariums neoprene jurisdictions ravines belfries 27 501 Sentence Completion Questions 78. The college professor was known on campus as a ______ character—bland but harmless and noble in his ideals. a. staid b. stagnant c. auspicious d. sterile e. dogmatic 79. Because he was so ______, the athlete was able to complete the obstacle course in record time. a. belligerent b. nimble c. demure d. volatile e. speculative 80. The toy store’s extensive inventory offered a ______ of toys from baby items to video games for teenagers.

Retinue 63. For a(n) ______ fee, it is possible to upgrade from regular gasoline to premium. a. nominal b. judgmental c. existential d. bountiful e. jovial 64. Searching frantically to find the hidden jewels, the thieves proceeded to ______ the entire house. a. justify b. darken c. amplify d. ransack e. glorify 65. The ______ deer stuck close to its mother when venturing out into the open field. a. starling b. foundling c. yearling d. begrudging e. hatchling 20 501 Sentence Completion Questions 66.

Appease 87. In biology class, Sabine observed the slug’s ______, its barely discernible movement in the tank. a. parody b. prescience c. torpor d. insight e. vigor 88. The ______ instinct of a watchdog is to attack strangers who enter its home. a. judicious b. intimate c. pragmatic d. melancholy e. primal 89. The battalion’s ______ was a well-fortified structure near the enemy lines. a. labyrinth b. summary c. villa d. vinculum e. garrison 90. Much to my surprise, my teenage daughter was ______ to the idea of going out with me on Friday night instead of with her friends.

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