47 Things Teens Can Do for the Environment by Lexi Petronis, Jill Buck

By Lexi Petronis, Jill Buck

  convinced, all of us know the planet is in hassle. We pay attention speak for all time approximately weather switch, pollution from autos, oil spills into oceans, trash overflowing into waterways, and poisonous chemical substances leaking into our groundwater. Sigh. however the excellent news is there is a lot we will be able to do to begin cleansing up the Earth. And it begins with you!

This ebook explores a whole lot small (and large) issues that youth can do to make a good distinction within the surroundings such as:

• cross on a eco-friendly date with a brand new crush

• devour much less meat

• discover ways to store vintage

• create an environmental activity strength at school

• pass on an eco-adventure

• and more!

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Keep It Local 29. Go Organic SIX: When Traveling 30. Tune It Up 31. Turn It Off 32. Jump in the Pool 33. Go on an Eco-Adventure 34. Be a Green Guest SEVEN: With Friends 35. Have a “Stuff” Sale 36. Swap, Don’t Shop! 37. Host a Green Film Festival 38. Go on a Green Date 39. Order the Green Plate Special 40. Throw a Party Green-Style EIGHT: In the Community 41. Get Greens for Greening 42. Turn Free Time Into Green Time 43. Yours Treely 44. Get Growing 45. Bin There, Do That 46. Get Political 47. Spread the Word Glossary words included in the glossary appear in green throughout the book Green Resources References ONE: At Home 47 Things You Can Do 1 Get a Clean Shave Shaving is a big deal.

If you support companies that use less or better packaging, more companies will follow suit. 2. Unnatural ingredients. gov/cosmetics) that offers information about how cosmetics are (and aren’t) regulated, what the FDA’s stance on animal testing is, what ingredients are prohibited from being used, and what precautions you should take before using various cosmetics. And always read the ingredients! When buying deodorants, perfumes, and colognes, beware of petroleum-derived chemicals, such as mineral oil, which are made with non-renewable resources like crude oil (think gasoline).

Whether you shower in the morning to wake up or at night to clean up after soccer practice is up to you. And use bar soap instead of liquid soap — no bottles to throw away! 3. Wash your hair every other day. Do you have long hair? If so, washing it can add five minutes (at least 10 gallons of water) on to your shower every day. Washing your tresses less not only cuts down water consumption, but also protects the natural oils in your scalp. 4. Talk to your parents about energy-saving water heaters.

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