2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly (Summer 2012)

2600 journal is the world's most suitable magazine on laptop hacking and technological manipulation and keep an eye on. released through hackers when you consider that 1984, 2600 is a real window into the minds of a few of today's such a lot artistic and clever humans. The de facto voice of a brand new new release, this ebook has its finger at the pulse of the ever-changing electronic panorama. on hand for the 1st time in a electronic variation, 2600 maintains to convey precise voices to an ever starting to be overseas group attracted to privateness matters, computing device safeguard, and the electronic underground.

This factor contains:

Scales of Inequality
Bluetooth Hunter's Guide
Security by means of Obscurity = Insecurity
Building a Cat-5 Cable Tap
NGFW - now not Grandpa's Firewall

A Counterpoint to "The Piracy Situation"
The Piracy state of affairs: The Devil's Advocate
Why is Piracy nonetheless Allowed?
The New Age of the Mind
Building the higher Brute strength Algorithm

Firewall Your iPhone
Memoir of a Tech author: The paintings of Leverage
Say It Ain't So Verizon
Hacking weather swap With WeatherLink
Baofeng UV-3R: the most affordable Dual-Band Ham Radio HT

Metaphasic Denial of provider Attacks
Never Be ON TIME Again!
Fiction: Hacking the bare Princess 1 & 2

Plus LETTERS and industry

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The Eudaemonic Pie

Filenote: PDF is searchable photo ocr
Publish yr notice: First released April 1985

A high-tech experience approximately breaking the financial institution in Las Vegas with toe-operated desktops. the result's a veritable piñata of a booklet, which, while smashed through the readers enthusiastic awareness, showers upon him every little thing from the historical past of dead roulette platforms to the newest advancements in chaos thought, stated the recent York occasions. Richard Dawkins referred to as it an mind-blowing and engaging story of medical heroism. the la instances acknowledged that Bass has performed the simplest task to this point of taking pictures the wedding of technical mind's eye and the communal coziness that gave delivery to Silicon Valley.

Wireless Crime and Forensic Investigation

Safety is often a priority with any new expertise. once we imagine protection we normally examine preventing an attacker from breaking in or gaining entry. even if, according to the wide succeed in of instant, preventing a person from passively listening is simply as serious. Intrusion detection structures, firewalls, and forensics are only some of the key parts that needs to be understood and utilized to proactively remedy the instant challenge.

Advances in Digital Forensics II (IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology) (v. 2)

Electronic forensics offers with the purchase, upkeep, exam, research and presentation of digital proof. essentially each crime now comprises a few electronic proof; electronic forensics presents the concepts and instruments to articulate this proof. This e-book describes unique learn effects and cutting edge purposes within the rising self-discipline of electronic forensics.

Exploding the Phone: The Untold Story of the Teenagers and Outlaws who Hacked Ma Bell

Prior to smartphones, again even prior to the net and private desktop, a misfit crew of technophiles, blind kids, hippies, and outlaws discovered find out how to hack the world’s biggest desktop: the phone procedure. beginning with Alexander Graham Bell’s innovative “harmonic telegraph,” by means of the center of the 20 th century the telephone process had grown into anything notable, an online of state-of-the-art switching machines and human operators that associated jointly hundreds of thousands of individuals like by no means prior to.

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I held the camera to my waist, and took the series of photos shown below. The lady had a kind face and was very polite. I felt bad for snagging this rapidfire series of photos that show the details of her lanyard and badge, but she wasn’t the only security-unconscious employee. I captured several other badge shots while inside the building. As I wandered the halls, I found this trash bag sitting outside a locked office door. com Tailgating • Chapter 2 The clear bag revealed a pretty typical assortment of office garbage: banana peels, soda cans, paper plates and American Express bills.

Say “No” to Stickers Those stickers have got to go. If you’re forced to have them on your gear, consider putting a sticky note over them when you’re traveling. This will at least keep the sticker (and the information that can be inferred from it) hidden from toocurious eyes. com Shoulder Surfing • Chapter 3 It’s impossible to have a no-tech discussion about stickers without mentioning the most famous sticky of them all: the Post-It note. I can’t tell you how many sticky notes I’ve seen in my travels.

But doesn’t every decent ATM hacker carry some sort of legitimate-looking badge? When it comes time to bust your first potential hacker as a security-conscious citizen, you’ll most likely have serious misgivings about the situation. Approaching any hard-core techie in mid-algorithm is a universally stupid idea. Techies get grumpy about stuff like that. Besides, he’ll be really grumpy if you jack his flow and he turns out to be legitimately plugging away at his underpaying job. On the other hand, if this guy has the stones to hack an ATM smack-dab in the middle of a busy hallway, he’s probably got no qualms about rattling off a bold-faced lie to get you to go away.

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