India is no doubt a country which has so much of wonders to surprise the world. No matter whether its the people of India, its culture, food, languages, rituals etc, the list goes on…. Here in this post I am going to stun you with the amazing facts about India which is sure to blow your mind! It is not only going to entertain you but also you will get some good knowledge which for sure no one in your group would have. Go on with the awesome read about your motherland……


  • The Indian National men’s as well as women’s hockey team has won all the World Cups held till now. Didn’t it made you feel exceptionally proud?


India playing against Australia. Source:

India playing against Australia. Source:



  • Chyawanprash is the oldest brand in the world and is Indian (obviously) which was originated in the Vedic period and continues to be in demand till now.



  • Sanskrit is the most appropriate language for computer software and is the mother of all Indo-European languages.


Sanskrit. Source:

Sanskrit. Source:


  • India was the first country to consume sugar and develop new refining techniques of it. All the knowledge about sugar refining and cultivation was taught by India to the whole world. That is why Indians are that sweet 😉



  • India is the world’s second largest English Speaking country in the world.



  • India was the first country to detect water on moon and it happened in September 2009.



ISRO discovered water on moon. Source:


  • Shampooing the hairs was a concept which first invented in India.




  • India owns the highest cricket ground in the world which is known as the Chail Cricket Ground, locted in Himachal Pradesh which has an altitude of 2,444 metres.



  • India has the largest number of post offices in the world. You will be amazed to know that it even has a floating post office in Dal Lake, Srinagar. That’s really incredible 🙂


facts about india

Floating Post Office. Source:


  • India has the largest “volunteer army” in the world.



  • Siachen Glacier is the highest battlefield in the world and is controlled by Indian army. It is 5000 meters above the Mean Sea Level.



  • India has never invaded any country in the world which is a matter of pride in itself.


  • The world’s largest gathering of people takes place at Kumbh Mela which is even visible from the space.


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Kumbh Mela. Source:


  • India owns the highest number of mosques than any other country in the world. It has approximately 300,000 mosques.


  • CMS (City Montessori School) located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of students in the world. The number is around 45,000. Whoa! This would definitely make all the CMS’ians really proud 🙂


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CMS Auditorium. Source:


  • There is a village named Snapdeal nagar originally called Shiv Nagar, in Uttar Pradesh as the e-commerce company Snapdeal, installed 15 hand pumps over there.